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 Hacker Challenges Rules

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Hacker Challenges Rules Empty
PostSubject: Hacker Challenges Rules   Hacker Challenges Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 7:05 pm

The Hacker's Challenge is way that I thought up to earn extra woolongs for your ship. There will be three different types of challenges which a hacker can participate in and since only hackers will be able to see these challenges, it goes without saying that hacker will have to participate in them alone without help from their crew members. Since staff members will also be able to see these challenges and the answers to them, they will not be allowed to participate. The three challenges types are:

"Hacking" Challenge- This challenge will typically have some type of fake news report which will give all the information inside of it for a username and password for a fake hidden account. Hackers who complete this challenge must login with this fake account and post in the challenge from that account to collect their prize. Prizes for these challenges can range from 5 million woolongs up to 15 depending on their difficulty.

Show Trivia Challenge- These will typically have a question about the actual Cowboy Bebop show or movie and can range from 2 million woolongs to 5 million depending on their difficulty.

Information Gathering- Pretty straight forward. Most hackers are expected to be pretty good at gathering information on verious different subjectss. Challenges may have some type of real life component to them and usually won't be too difficult to find. Challenges of this type usually only reward an amount of 1 million woolongs for completion.

These challenges are currently only being created by the Forum Founder so actual postings of these challenges may vary.
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Hacker Challenges Rules
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