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 Misha's Fight School (Anyone welcome)

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Misha Akuze

Misha Akuze

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PostSubject: Misha's Fight School (Anyone welcome)   Misha's Fight School (Anyone welcome) I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 2:35 am

Another student fell back over the ropes of the ring as Misha delivered a hard right hook right to the newbies cheek. Other students immediately swarmed around their downed comrade. "Y-You broke his jaw!!" A student said staring up at Misha with a shocked look upon her face. Misha stretched a bit cracking her knuckles "So fucking what? Bitching about it isn't gonna make it better is it?" Misha said turning away to a group of frightened looking students "Alright who's next in this bitch?" Misha said pounding her fists together and walking over to the edge of the ring. "Hmmmm eenie meenie miney you..." Misha said pointing at a large boy who quickly crawled backwards as if Misha's finger was the tip of a dangerous sword aimed straight at his heart.

"W-What!? Why me!?" The boy said frantically. Misha leaned against the rope a lazy smirk on her face "I dunno I just feel like being a bitch today now get in here or I'll come out there and kick all your asses." Misha said. Almost instantaneously every student in the gym even a few of the injured ones seized the young man and tossed him into the ring. The boy's eyes widened as Misha approached him her arms crossed. "Stand up..." Misha snapped. The boy quickly stood.

Misha seemed to observe him like an officer observed troops before battle "Hands up!" Misha said slapping her palm against his chest knocking the young man back a few steps. The young student quickly raised his hands up in defense. Misha slapped the boy's forearm with her palm. "Bend your elbows keep your forearms shielding your face dumbass!!" Misha growled. The kid finally seemed to realize Misha was honestly trying to teach something before raising his arms in a blocking posture. Misha smacked her palm against the boy's forearms earning a wince from her student not that she cared to really notice. "See that your defended if my palm had hit you in the nose I could have sent shards of your skull up into your brain and then...you'd be dead." Misha said.

The boy lowered his arms "T-Thank you Miss Akuze." The boy said just before Misha's fist collided with his nose knocking him back against the ropes. "You were still in the ring you stupid fucker..." Misha said simply wiping a bit of blood off her knuckles. The boy held his nose trying to stem the blood flow as he stared in shock at his teacher. "Y-You said a shot to the nose would kill me!!" The boy said. Misha leaned back against the ropes with a raised eyebrow "Your nose needs to be broken first I can easily kill you now if you want." Misha said. "N-NO!!!" The boy screamed scrabbling out of the ring. Misha chuckled shaking her head as she began to survey the remaining unharmed students.

The Fight Gym was one of the few places Misha felt somewhat calm at. And it was one of the few places she could go to without being hunted down for her bounty not that it really mattered to her. To her Bounty Hunters just seemed like a pain in the ass they tried to catch her and then she often just left them in a bloody pile for the I.S.S.P to find. Here in the Gym though she wasn't a murderer or a psychopath as many had labeled her as. Surprisingly when she was at the gym she was a teacher. Some would say a bad teacher but she was still a teacher all the same. Sure her students trembled at her very shadow but as it didn't mean they didn't learn anything. 60% of her students were capable of taking on men 3 times their size the other 40% were either on their way to that same level or dropping out of the class like flies. It made her somewhat proud to see her students at tournaments and such even though she could never really be there at ringside due to obvious reasons. Misha finally realized she'd been thinking this entire time and most of her students were staring at her. She gave them all a dangerous glare "What the fuck are you all looking at?" Misha hissed ending the staring contest they all seemed to be having with her.

"Alright who's volunteering next? Make the decision before I count to 10 or I'm going to personally kick the ass of each and every one of you." Misha said. Every living being in the building immediately began to rush around begging one another to appease their crazy teacher. Misha leaned against the ropes slowly counting off with her fingers watching her students run about like chickens with no heads. Finally she saw a young man climb the ropes and enter the ring. "I'll do it sensei!" The boy said. Everyone in the building except for Misha and her opponent gasped. Misha grinned "You got balls kid way more than everyone else in this fucking building at least. What's your not name?" Misha asked crossing her arms. "Keiji Goto." He said. Misha nodded "Hm alright Keiji first things first. #1 Don't call me Sensei we're not in the fucking Karate Kid your not waxing shit. #2 Try to make this interesting." Misha said before shifting into her Muay Thai stance. Keiji shifted into a kick boxing stance.

Keiji was first to take an offensive throwing a right hook at his teacher's cheek. To his shock and surprise the blow connected snapping Misha's head to the side. Keiji stood there in shock for a moment he'd expected his teacher to block it or dodge not just stand there and take a hit. In that split moment of shock Misha had reeled her head back and smashed her forehead right into Keiji's knocking the boy to the floor. Misha rubbed her cheek "Hm....good power no technique..." Misha said as if she hadn't even just been punched in the face. Keiji stared at her a red welt appearing on his forehead as he tried to register what had just happened. "Lean into your punch put more of your body behind it that punch just had your arm you need your torso too to follow through." Misha lectured demonstrating the proper technique. It was fun teaching but for once she wished to have someone who actually knew how to fight come in.
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Misha's Fight School (Anyone welcome)
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