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 Jason's room

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Jason Belmont
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PostSubject: Jason's room   Fri May 31, 2013 2:33 am

Jason's room is a small square room, there is a single bed in the right hand corner of the room, it has a dull blue cover, a white pillow and white sheet on it. Next to it is a small wardrobe that holds his collection of red shirts, black coats and black pants as well as shoes. His room feels slightly baron except the small workplace for maintain his gun and katana.

Jason lay on his bed, he was having a short nap beside him on the wardrobe lay his cat ears. He was having a rather nice dream of his time before the renegade funk, it was painful as it was bliss for him, the cruel double edged blades of his memory tortured and gave him happiness as he napped.
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Jason's room
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