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 Detective Elsa Ackerman

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Elsa Ackerman
Chief of the ISSP
Elsa Ackerman

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PostSubject: Detective Elsa Ackerman    Detective Elsa Ackerman  I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 6:34 am

Name: Elsa Isara Ackerman

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: German/French

Appearance: Elsa is about 179 centimeters tall and weighs 65 kilograms in total, She has blonde hair that reaches down to her upper neck, The front is a bit longer than the back but is often kept pinned to the side to keep it from falling in front of Elsa's eyes. She often wears little make up often only applying a bit of lipstick and some eyeshadow. Her body is well toned with muscle and only a limited amount of fat. From first impressions she is seen as quite slender, Her skin is a bit pale and her complexion is clear for the most part. Her chest is decently sized being about a C-cup. 

Elsa bears a few scars from her service as a soldier on Titan during the Titan wars, One of the most obvious being a scar on her palm where she had been stabbed through the hand while fighting in close quarters with an enemy combatant. She also has a scar on her back from a slash wound she'd received from a piece of shrapnel during an IED attack. She also has two old injuries from bullet wounds sustained during an ambush on Titan where she took a bullet to her shoulder and another to her stomach. 

Personality: Elsa is mentally sound regardless of the things she had seen on Titan. This is due in major part due to the bonds she had made with her squad mates during the war. Having had friends to help her through what she'd witnessed Elsa is quite friendly to most people and is often quite helpful as it is part of her job as an officer in the ISSP. She is described as easily approachable as she seems to have a bit of a smile on her face. This is true as Elsa is quite friendly to people she meets and is very formal and well mannered as well. 

When on duty her personality doesn't really differ much as she remains well mannered, However she is often less friendly as her job sometimes requires her to be "Less friendly" As her superiors put it. When on the job Elsa is a bit more serious having a more to the point approach to things rather than being talkative and friendly as she normally is. When dealing with criminals Elsa's interactions often depend on the seriousness of the offense, To a person guilty of a petty crime such as theft or breaking curfew she often is a supportive encouraging the offender to change their ways. 

With offenders who have committed a more serious crime such as Rape or Murder however she often has little to say to them and often prefers they say nothing to her. She often reminds these types of people that they have the right to remain silent and often encourages them to utilize that right. With these types of criminals she often has little care for them and often wishes to get out of their presence as quickly as possible. Although Elsa took the Titan War better than other soldiers had she did not emerge from it without any issue at all. Her most compromising issue being PTSD, 

Elsa was diagnosed with PTSD after the Titan War from an ambush that took the life of a soldier she was in a relationship with. Her PTSD often causes her to have flashbacks of past events or nightmares when she attempts to sleep, However her symptoms have lessened from what they used to be through therapy and support from family and friends. Elsa now only has flashbacks when a situation seems to mimic the exact situation she was exposed to during the war and she seldom has nightmares anymore except for brief times when the war may have been on her mind before she sleeps. 

Clothing: Elsa when working at the ISSP station often wears a black v-neck shirt with a pair of black bottoms and black sandals. She also often wears her ISSP badge around her neck She often wears a black belt to keep her pants held up along with a hard plastic holster for her ISSP personal issue firearm. She also has a specially designed shoulder holster for her ISSP standard issue firearm which connects to her belt allowing her to hold 6 magazines for her standard issue firearm on her sides

When on patrol Elsa wears a black T-shirt and a pair of black cargo pants, She also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves and a web belt, along with a pair of black combat boots. She also wears a shoulder holster for her ISSP Standard issue firearm and a hard plastic holster worn on her belt for her ISSP personal issue firearm. When entering a combat situation Elsa dons a black tactical vest with a kevlar inlay that protects her from small caliber rounds. The vest also acts as a plate carrier and can have ceramic plates integrated into the vest for added protection from higher caliber rounds such as .308 and 7.62x51mm rounds, The vest has the word police printed across the upper back of the vest and it also has a velcro patch on the front with Elsa's blood type and medical allergies on it. She also has small pouches on her web belt along with nylon loops to carry equipment such as flash bangs, tear gas or smoke grenades.


SIG Sauer P226

Elsa's personal firearm and concealed carry gun is a SIG Sauer P226 handgun chambered for .357 SIG, A cartridge meant to contain the velocity and stopping power of a .357 Magnum round within the compact size of a semi-automatic handgun cartridge. The weapon is fed from a 15 round double stacked magazine and weighs near 3 pounds. The weapon has a 5 inch barrel giving it moderate accuracy. The weapon is INOX treated giving it a better resistance against corrosion and basic wear and tear. The recoil spring is also made of a high quality metal alloy from Mars designed to take wear better.

Elsa's standard issue ISSP Sidearm is a 4th Generation Glock 34 handgun chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition. The weapon is fed from a 17 round double stack magazine and possesses a 8.75 inch barrel giving it great accuracy. The ammunition loaded in Elsa's weapon is known as a R.I.P round or Radically Invasive Projectile. The tip of the round is hollow and where the tip of the round would be is a dip that is lined with pointed prongs. As the bullet hits the target the prongs spread out tearing into the target's flesh knocking it down and creating a wound that bleeds heavily. She also carries less lethal rubber ammunition that utilize a hard plastic projectile to incapacitate targets instead of kill.

Another weapon Elsa carries is an ASP Stun Baton which is basically a telescopic baton with a one million volt battery built in that generates a incapacitating shock within the tip of the baton. Elsa carries this as a close combat defense weapon and as a means of incapacitating suspects. The battery is activated using a small switch on the grip of the baton in order to prevent Elsa from hurting herself by accident. The weapon is also gene coded so that only Elsa can use the weapon however this only works 75% of the time and can sometimes be fooled if a person possesses the same blood type as Elsa.

The last weapon Elsa carries on her person is a dart firing Taser, The Taser she carries can introduce at least 60,000 Volts of electricity into the target she hits bringing even the largest of men to their knees if with a few quick jolts of electricity. Elsa however can only target one suspect with the taser and must remove the barbs from the weapon in order for it to be reused on another person. 

Elsa also knows how to utilize other weapons used by the ISSP such as these
ISSP Issued Weapons
HK-416 Carbine/5.56x45mm NATO/30 round magazine
Remington 870 Bullpup/12 Gauge 00 Buck/7 round tube
FN FAL OSW/7.62x51mm NATO/20 round magazine

Abilities & Specialization: 

Firearm Proficiency: Elsa is a crack shot with handguns being able to hit the bullseye of a target from 75 meters away a fair bit beyond the average effective range of a handgun. She is skilled in an array of shooting positions taught to her during basic training in the military and during training in the ISSP police academy. With rifles she is less proficient but is still effective. Her accuracy with rifles is a bit lacking due to her lack of use with one as she often uses her sidearms more often during shootouts not being able to reach her rifles.

CQC: Elsa has learned her close quarter combat skills from the army and from the police, This gives her two distinct styles of combat that she switches between. Her fighting style from the army is similar to the fighting style Muay Thai, Though her combat style tends to focus on the lower half of her opponent's body often utilizing low kicks in attempt to knock her foes off balance to utilize the period of time used to recover for highly aggressive close quarter assaults utilizing her fists, elbows and knees to both deal crippling damage to soft spots and to keep her opponent imbalanced. Her second style taught during police training is a mixed style taking concepts from Wing Chun, Aikido and Judo. It utilizes the counter attacks of Wing Chun and also the redirection of attacks used in Aikido along with takedowns from Judo. This is often used to take down a target so that she can safely make an arrest.

Flight Training: Elsa has received training in evasive maneuvers and pursuit tactics. She has much experience from using the ISSP's flight training simulator along with experience from live pursuits of criminals across the Solar System. Elsa in combat scenarios is able to keep pace with the speed of battle recognizing and reacting to changes in the flow of battle. She is also able to fly at high speeds avoiding obstacles which is a product of training and experience. 

Ship which you are applying for (if any): 

History : Elsa was born on Ganymede a moon orbiting Jupiter and also the moon holding the largest population for Jupiter's many colonists. Her mother was a Lawyer and her father was a musical teacher at a local school. Elsa grew up in a relatively simple lifestyle being raised by her parents to be a child who was respectful to her elders and followed the rules as a good child supposedly should. However like nearly all children Elsa went through a stage in her life where she made decisions that weren't nearly thought out as well as they should have been. 

Elsa attended elementary school like many children on Ganymede learning basic math and english along with a bit of science and history, In Junior High School Elsa was an average grade student often receiving C and B grades and an occasional A and a few F's every so often if she did not keep up with her school work. It wasn't until High School when things began to become a bit more interesting for Elsa. During high school little was much different other than the fact that Elsa was beginning to make her own decisions and experimenting with new things such as relationships and drugs

However her time as a teenager would soon come to and end as war on Jupiter's moon Titan broke out. In efforts to bolster their forces Jupiter's Colonial Defense Forces initiated a draft of all people able bodied and able to fight. Elsa was one of many in her school drafted for military service. After being drafted Elsa spent 9 weeks in basic training for the Jupiter Colonial Defense Forces learning the skills needed to become a soldier. The training was harsh and brutal, The instructors hammered the knowledge into the minds of each recruit before being shipped off to fight on Titan.

The war on Titan was merciless and deadly, However Elsa unlike many other who'd fought on Titan managed to keep some semblance of sanity. This was through the support she had from others who'd been recruited alongside her from Ganymede. Over the course of the war Elsa built up close bonds with her fellow soldiers and the support they gave one another helped them cope with the horrors experienced on the battlefield. However over the course of the war their numbers slowly thinned out until only a few members of the original Ganymede conscripts remained. 

Over the course of the war Elsa witnessed many of her friends die some of them dying in order to protect her or because of her actions. The loss of her comrades was what took it's toll on Elsa's mind the most. People she had come to know as friends dying on after another on the field of battle. After the war's end Elsa's mind was still haunted by the deaths of her many friends and comrades in the form of flashbacks and nightmares. Psychologists diagnosed Elsa with PTSD and placed her in treatment groups and therapy in order to help her cope with her disorder.

In the beginning Elsa was resistant to the treatment often insisting that she didn't want to forget the people she'd lost feeling guilt over having survived the war while others had not. She felt that the memories of those who'd died fighting alongside her should live on through her. Multiple doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists insisted that in doing so Elsa would only be placing her mental state at risk putting her in danger of worsening her mental state. It wasn't until her parents and other members of her family pleaded with her to seek help. The families of people she had served with also requested that Elsa seek help not wanting another life to be destroyed after so many having been lost.

With the overwhelming amount of people wishing for her to find help Elsa began to take her therapy sessions more seriously talking about what she'd witnessed and her dreams. And over time Elsa's PTSD began to recede, Her nightmares and flashbacks began to occur less frequently and soon Elsa was deemed mentally fit enough to be dismissed from treatment. After being dismissed from therapy Elsa left military service and began to search for a new career wanting to distance herself from the military for the time being. However with her skills obtained from the Titan war Elsa's list of career opportunities were quite slim.

Eventually Elsa decided on a new career in law enforcement applying for the ISSP Police Academy. With her skills and physical conditioning Elsa passed through the academy with flying colors and began her new career. Elsa worked as a standard patrol officer for around 3 years. After 3 years on the force as a patrol officer Elsa operated for a short time in the ISSP's QRF Special Assault Team a job which she quickly left due to the nature of it being to similar to the military though it was a job she was effective in.

After a year in the QRF she was promoted to Detective and has been given assignment with the ISSP's Dangerous Persons surveillance group, A section within the ISSP that is tasked with locating and apprehending extremely dangerous criminals deemed too dangerous for normal police units to take down by themselves. 

RP Sample: Elsa sighed as she stepped popped open the cockpit of her ISSP Police Seeker, A ship designed more for speed rather than fighting way different from what she was used to flying during her stint with the QRF. It wasn't an unwelcome change though she often found herself enjoying the speed that came with piloting the Seeker in comparison to the QRF's Juggernaut transport drop-ship. She walked over to the cargo section of her ship and opened it sliding her Kevlar vest over her head. She'd received a call from dispatch about a 911 call involving a group of human traffickers being led by a former Titan Veteran like herself. Thus the call was directed to DPS and her supervisor had sent her to go scope out the situation.

Her eyes fell upon the other weapons in the cargo area of the ship but she shook her head instead slipping a few additional magazines for her Glock 34 into her vest and a few flashbangs. If things went well which she hoped they did she wouldn't need anything more than what she was carrying. Plus she was here to survey not kick in the door and shoot up the place like some wild west sheriff come to clean up the town. She pulled her Glock 34 from it's holster and pulled back the slide making sure she had a round in the chamber before switching off the safety and sliding the weapon back into it's holster. She then pulled her P226 from it's holster and repeated the process before placing that back in it's holster as well. 

She then proceeded into the crowded streets of Little Kowloon a busy civilian center that also doubled as a tourist attraction. It was also no secret that it was under the control of the Jiang Shi gang. A small time gang that doubled as a cult due to their fucked up rituals that involved eating people for their strength. She shivered a bit at the though of it why they hadn't had the QRF ride in and clean them out was beyond her but right now the Jiang Shi wasn't her problem. She walked towards what appeared to be an old Chinese styled medicine store where an old short asian woman was sitting behind the counter grinding up some sort of bone. "Um...Excuse me?" Elsa said knocking on the counter. The woman turned pushing a pair of horn rimmed glasses up her nose and spoke in a language Elsa couldn't understand.

Elsa scratched the back of her head as the woman began to speak more and more going on a long speech about something she had no clue about. "M-Miss do you speak english?" Elsa asked clearly and loudly over the woman's constant talking. The woman went quiet and nodded "Yes I do." She said in a heavily accented tone. Elsa smiled "Oh good I was wondering if you've noticed anything strange around here lately." Elsa said. The woman nodded before pointing towards the door leading to the back alley behind the store "You find Yeun and his crew in back alley." The woman said. Elsa raised an eyebrow "Yeun?" She asked wanting a bit more information before she went off on some wild lead. "You ISSP looking for missing girls and guys right?" The woman said as she returned to her previous task of grinding up a bone into fine powder.

"How did you know that?" Elsa asked frowning. The woman laughed "You not very sneaky, You only Blondie that come here with gun plus word spread fast through Kowloon." The woman said smiling. Elsa sighed placing a palm against her face "So...This Yeun guy probably knows where I can find the missing people?" Elsa asked. The woman shook her head "No...Yeun did take people...." She said. Elsa opened her mouth to speak but the woman's words registered clearly in her mind after a moment before she walked past the counter out the back door. "Baise de ren conglai bu mai dongxi..." The woman said clicking her tongue as Elsa left.

Walking out into the back alley Elsa saw a man with 4 others herding a group of girls and guys into the back of a truck at gun point. Elsa pulled her P226 from it's holster and kept it gripped in front of her she used her thumb to flip off the safety as she aimed it at the men and slowly began to move down the alley. "Don't move ISSP!!" Elsa called out loudly. The men quickly turned one of them raising an automatic and spraying the alley with small caliber rounds. Elsa dived behind a dumpster and pressed her back against it sighing "That never fucking works..." Elsa muttered. She took a chance attempting to peek around the dumpster only to have a few rounds land right beside her head pinging against the metal. "Okay...need a new plan..." Elsa muttered leaning back against the dumpster closing her eyes for a moment to think. 

Her eyes shot open as the dumpster groaned and moved as she pushed back against it causing Elsa to fall back on her butt. "There's something!" Elsa said smiling as she began to push the dumpster down the alley. As she pushed more gunfire joined the automatic pinging against the ground and walls around her and the dumpster in front of her. Whoever it was shooting had no skill as they continued to fire well after the gun had run dry. As she heard the 3rd dry click she stood up and fired a round striking one suspect in the chest. She quickly turned her aim onto another man running towards the driver side of the truck she fired another round striking him in the back causing him to fall sliding across the pavement for a moment before coming to a stop. 

She ducked back beneath cover as the others had reloaded their weapons and resumed firing at her. Elsa gave the dumpster one last push before letting herself fall onto her back, She she then rolled onto her stomach raising her pistol and firing at the nearest set of ankles. She heard a yell as one of the gunmen fell to the floor gripping his ankle. Elsa quickly fired another shot into the man's chest sending him sprawling out across the ground. She rolled once more this time out of cover and fired 3 quick shots into another of the men dropping him as well. The last one standing was a man wielding an UZI submachinegun which he seemed to be having trouble with considering the numerous sounds she could hear of him pulling on the charging handle of the weapon.

Elsa got to her feet moving slowly into view of the man her gun trained on him as he pulled on the charging handle ferociously "Work dammnit!" He yelled. Elsa kept her pistol raised "Drop the weapon and put your hands up!" Elsa yelled. The man with the Uzi stared at her with a strange look on his face "Has that ever worked officer?" He asked tossing aside the UZI. Elsa shrugged "It has it's moments usually I'm not dealing with assholes." Elsa said. The man raised his hands "Okay you got me..." He said. Elsa came closer reaching out to grip one of the man's wrists when one of the men she'd shot sat up and fired a round directly at her chest. She grunted as she flew back coughing as the round impacted her bullet proof vest knocking the air out of her. She quickly sat up squeezing off 5 quick shots at the one who had shot her before the last man rushed her pinning her to the floor.

Quickly her knee rose up to her chest so she could brace her foot against the man's stomach. She kicked him back before pulling her Glock 34 from it's holster and advancing on the man with her gun drawn. "Stay on the ground!!" Elsa yelled gripping the man's shoulder and turning him over onto his stomach keeping the barrel of her gun trained on the back of his head. She then pulled the man's wrists behind his back and slapped a pair of handcuffs on. "You have the right to remain silent." Elsa said as she pulled the man to his feet and pushed him against a wall. "I-Is that all?" The man said. Elsa scowled "Yes now I suggest you use it..." Elsa hissed as she pulled her radio out to call for back up.
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Terribly sorry for the wait.

Seems fine to me.

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Wut he said occifer. Approved! Now get out there and kill stuff! And for being the first to complete your sheet, you have been given the honorary rank of Chief of the ISSP! Congrats!

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Detective Elsa Ackerman
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